L. Nathan Tumey, PhD

L. Nathan Tumey received his PhD in chemistry from Duke University in 2001, under the supervision of Michael Pirrung. His research emphasis was on the medicinal chemistry of LpxC inhibitors as antibacterial agents against gram negative bacteria. Following graduate school, Dr. Tumey spent nearly 15 years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, most recently at Pfizer. During this time period in the pharma industry, he was a key leader in multiple drug-discovery programs including the development of 5HT2c agonists for obesity, PKC-theta inhibitors for asthma, IRAK4 inhibitors for rheumatoid arthritis and antibody-drug-conjugates (ADCs) for the treatment of cancer. He joined the faculty of Binghamton University in 2017 where his lab focuses on the application of antibody-drug conjugates and related modalities for the treatment of cancer and auto-immune disorders. Additionally, his lab investigates bioconjugate stability, ADC linker design and new modalities for targeted drug-delivery.  He was promoted to associate professor with tenure in Fall 2022.

Dr. Tumey is a regular consultant at numerous pharmaceutical companies, law firms, and financial firms. He is on the scientific advisory board of various companies, including Araris Biotech and Manhattan Biosolutions, and is a regular speaker at various ADC-related scientific meetings. His expertise includes ADC design, bioconjugate bioanalysis, antibody metabolism, and site-specific conjugation chemistry. He is an author on over 40 publications and is an inventor on over 15 patent applications. He recently served as the lead editor for a book entitled “Antibody-Drug-Conjugates: Methods and Protocols” by Springer Publishing.

Outside the lab

I am an avid skier and hiker – you can sometimes find that I am “missing” from my office after a big snowstorm or on a sunny spring afternoon!  In particular, I love backpacking – and dream of someday hiking the 100-mile wilderness in Maine.  Upstate New York is a particularly great spot for visiting waterfalls – something I do on a regular basis. Aside from my outdoors hobbies, I have a keen interest in the intersection of science and the Christian faith.  My faith is a critically important part of my life,  and I am actively involved in my local church where I regularly teach a college Bible study group.  I’m married to my college sweetheart, Susan, and I have two amazing teenage daughters.  Here are some of my favorite personal (non-science) websites. [Note: I do not necessarily endorse the viewpoints of any of the sites below. Rather, they are websites that I find to be useful and fun in pursuit of my various personal interests.]

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