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Our team

Our research team consists of a mixture of graduate students, undergraduate students, and postdoctoral fellows.  The expertise of our team members includes analytical chemistry, synthetic chemistry, cell biology and biomedical engineering.  While we love science, we also enjoy having fun together outside of the lab – as seen in the various pictures below! Contact Dr. Tumey if you are interested in joining our lab!

Current members:
• Samantha Benjamin (graduate student, chemistry)
• Siteng Fang (graduate student, Biomedical Engineering)
• Jared Miller (research technician)
• Caitlin Vitro (undergraduate student, chemistry)
• Brittany Brems (undergraduate student, chemistry)
• Katherine Leong (undergraduate student, biochemistry)
• Justin Howe (undergraduate student, biochemistry)
• JP Maher (PharmD student)
• Jillian Handel (undergraduate student, BME)
• Rhea Johns (MS graduate student, BME)
• Emma Deyoung (undergraduate student, chemistry)
• Daniel Wheeler (undergraduate student, chemistry)
Past group members:
• Emmanuel Olawode (postdoctoral fellow)
• Kelsey Watts (undergraduate student) [Currently at Binghamton University, graduate school]
• Zhongyuan (Lenny) Gou (postdoctoral fellow)
• Dane Carlson (graduate student, MS) [Currently at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals]
• Jared Frick (undergraduate student)
• Courtney Jackson (undergraduate student) [Currently at UNC Chapel Hill, School of Pharmacy]
• Sarah Gillen (REU student)

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